It feels good – and looks great too!

it feels good
Pretty soon you’ll see something different about the Zebra Pen brand across social media and on our website. We’re launching our new, fresh logotype and snappy strapline.

It’s about more than a pen…

Of course, our writing and drawing pens are affordable, well designed and better balanced: they feel good in the hand. We use leading technology to produce a smooth-flowing, smudge-free experience. But we want to say more than this, we want to tell a bigger story.

Because it’s about more than a pen, isn’t it?

Start to write or draw and you get in the zone, you get away from it all, you immerse yourself in the moment. It just feels good, as you use your imagination, get your ideas down and express your thoughts – as you express yourself.
Some people describe it as a ‘gateway to personal calmness’, and a way to improve your mental wellbeing. Energised, creative, excited, revitalised, free – however it makes you feel, whatever it helps you do, there are so many benefits to putting a pen to paper.

More to feel good about

You can also feel good knowing that Zebra Pen’s packaging is 100% recyclable, and all our inks are chemical free and sustainably produced.

So keep a look out for our smart, bold logo and catchy line – they’ll help our brand stand out even more and be instantly recognisable. We think they look and feel great!