Launch into Spring with our 100% recyclable foil-packaged pastel set

In this strange and uncertain year, Spring feels a little different.

It’s not just filled with daffodils, some warmth in the air, a glimmer of sun.

It’s filled with hope. Change. Hopefully, a return to normal.

And for students, that means a return to school or college.

We don’t want you to return with the same, tired old pen set. We’re bringing you an awesome double-ended pastel marker-highlighter set, so you can have fun while you scribble in style.

And it’s not just good for you, it’s good for the environment, thanks to our new 100% recyclable funky foil packaging.

Out with garish brights, Spring is all about subtle tones

Our beautiful pastel suite of mild green, blue, yellow, pink and orange is noticeable enough to add colour and definition to your notes, journals and planners, but soft enough to be a pleasure to read. And thanks to water-resistant translucent ink, you can layer up and get creative, without any worries about leak-through.

Double ended Mildliner? It can only mean double the fun.

One width of nib is SO last season. Ring, write and annotate with the marker, then shade and stand out with the highlighter end. It’s a win-win double-whammy of writing enjoyment.

So many uses, so little time

When you get back to school or college, you’re going back to the bustle; learning, digesting and writing at speed. You’ll not want to miss a thing.

We’re approaching exam season. So organising and planning, efficient revision and highlighting those pesky points you just CAN’T seem to remember, could make all the difference to your day.

And if you’re journaling to keep anxiety at bay and in good mental health, these soft mild tones will be just the thing for calming the mind.

Our double-ended highlighter pen set will come into its own if you follow these top ideas;

  • Use each colour to mean different things. E.g. Calming blue for lessons, natural green for extra-curricular and pretty pink for all things social!
  • Mark for must-do and highlight for must-remember
  • Use a different colour for each day Monday – Friday, saving your fave for that Friday feeling!

Plan and organise your future while protecting the planet’s future.

Available in Asda and Morrisons from Mid-March 2021.