7 ways to beat those Blue Monday blues

7 ways to beat those Blue Monday blues

How to feel anything but blue on Blue Monday

Nobody ever said January was their favourite month. And Blue Monday – January 16th – is officially the UK’s most depressing day. You can just about coast along on the Christmas high for a couple of weeks, and then the world drops off a cliff.

There are no parties; nothing in the calendar; your credit cards are maxed and it’s so cold you don’t ever want to come out from under the duvet.

These are our top tips for beating those January blues. Not just for Blue Monday – but every day you feel just a little bit blue.

Your Blue Monday watchwords: mindset, mindfulness, and motivation.

Getting through the blues is all about personal mindset. Be mindful of yourself, and ringfence your mental and physical wellbeing. Start by getting enough sleep – your full 8 hours is even more important at this time of year. Don’t be tempted to stay in bed all day – it won’t help your mindset – or your waistline!

Take the blues outside

Spending time outside is the first step to feeling better about the world. Fresh air and natural light have an incredibly powerful effect on our wellbeing – just 15 minutes outdoors, and you’ll look, and feel, noticeably brighter. Being closer to nature lifts our spirits, improves our mood, and sharpens our concentration.

In mid-January there are only 8 hours of natural daylight – so put your gloves on and brave it! Plus, you can treat yourself to a hot chocolate when you get back in!

And on the subject of chocolate…

…don’t beat yourself up if you sneak a Hobnob or indulge in a little bit of ‘comfort eating’ when you’re not feeling your best. Looking after your physical wellbeing obviously means eating regularly and healthily, having a proper breakfast, and not binge-snacking. But your emotional wellbeing is about being kind to yourself too; so reward yourself with something you enjoy or that makes you happy today.

Monday is motivation day!

Starting a habit tracker is a positive way to motivate yourself on Blue Monday. Many of our Brand Ambassadors have got the ‘habit tracker’ habit! They’re a wonderful tool to motivate ourselves.

Habit trackers are all about small, daily steps and quick wins that just become part of your life. Your goals might include eating vegetarian two nights a week, checking in with a good friend, spending 15 minutes every day just listening to music and chilling, or filling in your gratitude journal. Your habit tracker goals should be as specific and achievable as you can make them.

Each box you tick off is a reward in itself.

Getting creative beats the blues

Research proves that we feel calmer, better balanced, and able to cope when we’re being creative. It might be Blue Monday, but today is the perfect day to lose yourself in creating something unique and beautiful. A rainbow burst of colour on a blue day.

And remember, you can’t make a rainbow without both sunshine and rain.

Some days you’ll just feel blue. Don’t beat yourself up. Free your mind. Take out some Zebra pens, inspire yourself, or organise yourself, and most of all, be kind to yourself.

It’s our Zebra mantra – find Zen in your pen.