Our Brand Ambassadors reveal their top five Zebra Pens

Our Brand Ambassadors reveal their Top Five Zebra Pens

Stocking up on stationery mid-term? Here are five of the best from our Zebra Pen Brand Ambassadors

Whether you’re taking a class or teaching it, right around now your carefully chosen stock of pens, highlighters, notebooks and organisers is often starting to run low.

So, we asked our seven Zebra Pen Brand Ambassadors to road-test some of our top pens, and rate them for you.

They’re using Z-Grips and Mildliners day in, day out, for everything from embellishing journal layouts to writing (or marking!) 2,000-word essays – so these are ‘real world’ reviews from real users, not advertising puff!

Mildliner and Mildliner Brush

Three words: Slim | Multi-functional | Creative


Our Mildliner highlighters reviewed really well with all the Ambassadors, but especially Alex, who rates the Mildliner Brush tip as her most-used and best-loved Zebra Pen: “The beautiful range of colours and flexible brush tip make it perfect for headers and quote pages in my bullet journal. It’s so versatile – it can be used to highlight, create backgrounds and detailed hand lettering too.“

Sophie is also mad for Mildliners: “I wanted more variety than the typical neon colours to make my notes stand out. The colours are just gorgeous and complement each other. You can create beautiful colour palettes for your notes and journal spreads. On a practical level, the slim barrel of the pen means that they fit in my pencil case so much better than most chunky highlighters.”

Z-Grip and Z-Grip Smooth

Three words: Smooth | Versatile | Affordable

This is the pen that’ll see you through everything. Exam essays, midnight marking, shopping lists, private journals. No surprise then that it was top choice for Ambassador Studypattern: “Z-Grip Smooth pens are a classic choice for any student! They last forever, don’t smudge easily and come in a range of colours to make your notes that little bit prettier. I used a black Z-Grip Smooth for all my GCSE exams.” Plus, the rib grip means it won’t slip or slide when you’re under pressure, against the clock.

They’re top of Elizabeth’s list too: “The black, blue and pink ink is gorgeous and smooth. It’s a great pack of pens for note taking – great price, great quality and they do any job!”


Sarasa and Vintage Sarasa

Three words: Glide | Quick-dry | Feelgood


The Sarasa range has always been up there in our Brand Ambassadors’ top 5, and when you use a Sarasa, you’ll literally feel why. Sarasas are the figure skaters of the pen world – they glide like no other! And with the launch of the 0.5 tip, in addition to the 0.7, they’re even more precise.

Ambassador George fell in love with our new Vintage Sarasa Clip range with stylishly retro burgundy and navy barrels: “There’s something immensely satisfying about filling a page with truly black ink using a pen that writes this smoothly. The vintage design perfectly fits the dark academia aesthetic that I’m going for!”

Ambassador Beth also gives them a straight A: “The Sarasa gels are my favourite gel pens ever because they dry so, so quickly, and they write like a dream. They are perfect for smudge-free note taking and my Bullet Journal!”

The 901 ballpoint

Three words: Stylish | Elegant | Contemporary


Our Ambassador Alex always clears time and space in her busy life to add to her personal journal which has become a ‘family diary’. “The 901 with its easy glide ink is perfect for this. I include notes about the children, meet ups with friends and nature notes.” The 901’s her top choice “because it’s a refillable ballpoint designed to look both stylish and contemporary; it writes beautifully and is comfortable to hold too.”

And for Ambassador Lynn “The 901 is the staple pen everyone needs in their bag. It’s reliable, cute and a little bit classy.

With a 901 poised in your hand, you’re ready to write, and feeling good.


Mckie permanent markers

Three words: Durable | Practical | Reliable


When you want something that’s yours to stay yours! Especially if you’re flat-sharing or in a busy open plan office, you need your pens – and all your other belongings! – to stay put! And Zebra Pen Mckies can label almost anything.

Both Lynn and Alex give the Mckie five stars. As Alex says: “My Mckie helps me keep organised. What makes it my stand-out choice is that it’s dual-nibbed: with a smaller bullet and larger chisel tip, so you can really customise!”

As does Lynn: “I love, love, love the dual tip on this marker! The flat bold edge makes it easy to write legibly on larger items.”

If you love to label, Mckie is the must-have marker!

Getting ahead…

While you’re stocking up on stationery, you might want to start popping a few items on your own Christmas list too!

That’s a handwritten Christmas list, of course…😉.