Autumn inspiration for your imagination

Autumn inspiration for your imagination
It was Albert Camus, the French philosopher, author, and journalist, who wrote: “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

There’s something about autumn. As summer ends, autumn brings in a new, different mood, a blanket of vibrant colours and the comforts we love.

Fresh air, fresh ideas
Whether you’re out for a crisp walk in the countryside, toasting a marshmallow at the fire pit or messing around in the park, the outdoors isn’t just beautiful at this time of year. It’s inspiring.

So why not be inspired to pick up your Zebra Pens and express yourself? Look around. Soak it up. And note down your thoughts, your ideas, your plans. Sketch, draw and create what you see outside, or what’s formed in your mind’s eye. You’ll love the calmness of the moment and the freedom of expression it gives you.

Your senses come alive!
Every one of your senses comes alive in the autumn. Vibrant colours to see; the feel of drizzle in your hair; the smell of a log fire; the taste of a spiced pumpkin latte; the crunching sound of leaves underfoot. And then there’s the feeling of using your Zebra Pen. Immerse yourself and feel energised and excited at the possibilities!

A little colder, a lot more colour
The inspiration for being creative and experimenting with colour is all around you in autumn – from misty mornings and the vibrant yellows and oranges of the leaves, to the ruddiness of walkers’ cheeks from the colder weather. It’s a great time of year to take pictures too – it’s not just the colours, but also the light that creates a unique mood.

And as the weather does start to turn a bit colder, there’s something nice about hunkering down and snuggling up, turning to cosy jumpers and thick socks again, collecting conkers, venturing out on bonfire night and getting back into homemade soups and having baked potatoes. And, of course, taking out your favourite pad and pen, adding to your journal or starting your latest project!

How to feel good this autumn
Autumn really is the feelgood season of inspiration. There’s so much richness and texture to fuel your creative mood and spark new ideas for your stories, poems, music and art. Now it’s time to put it all down on paper!