Bringing colour to your life

bringing colour to your life

How to colour-balance your mind and body

We all have a favourite colour almost before we can talk. Colour is our earliest Influencer – the right colour can subconconsciously lift our mood, and the wrong colour can inspire violent dislike (come on, whoever really liked the colour of their school uniform?!)

Bringing colour into your life

Autumn, our most colourful season, has arrived. There’s a nip in the air, piles of crunchy copper leaves and a burst of russets, oranges and reds you can almost warm your fingers on.

At Zebra Pen, the glorious colours we can see right now outside our windows, inspired us to share ways in which we can use the power of colour to make us happier and more creative, when full winter finally arrives.

Colour your environment

The colours you choose in your décor really can colour your view of the world! Your uni room or workspace may feel bland and impersonal at the moment – but what a great blank canvas to personalise! If the view out of your window is a little uninspiring, try covering your wall with a wall sheet of a beautiful woodland or natural waterfall. The size creates impact without breaking any house rules and you can pick them up online from quirkier independent sites like Etsy or Notonthehighstreet! Great for stretching a student budget.

Get creative!

Even the smallest of study rooms can be transformed into a sanctuary.

Choose softer, solid colours for bigger soft furnishings such as throws, or new bedlinen, to help you unwind and de-stress. A colour palette of luminous neutrals, creams and pastels creates an atmosphere of calm and concentration, which helps you find focus when studying. Pantone, the colour experts, predict that we’ll all be loving ‘Molten Lava’, an intense fiery red tone; ‘Dragon Fire’, a hot powerful orange; and deep evergreens, ‘Abundant Green’ and ‘Cardamom Seed’ this autumn. If you love a yellow, ‘Spicy Mustard’ is this season’s must-have shade. Use these ‘showstopper’ colours sparingly for accent items – a scatter cushion, or a vase – a pop of colour on a grey winter’s day feels like a double espresso shot!

Introducing softly coloured uplighters or LED light strips creates a feeling of warmth with an added colour-boost.

Autumn-edit your wardrobe

Wearing black on a grey day is bound to make you feel blue.

Add knits, scarves and comfort clothing in colours that you’ll love in time for chillier days. Go thrifting with a friend – it’s great for your budget, you can choose for each other and you’re helping the circular economy by recycling. Express your own personal style by adding touches such as new buttons, embroidered flowers or designs. Choose colours you feel good in and feel good with.

And while we’re talking colour…

Give green the green light

Who says you can’t do an autumn edit on your stationery too?! Research now shows that certain colours enhance study and improve focus – and green gets top marks for concentration. Blue too can stimulate your productivity and focus – so think about blue hues for paper and study journals. But blue isn’t a ‘headline’ colour – for that you need purple, or orange for highlighting topics, key facts or quotes. Our Zebra Pen Mildliner and Mildliner Brushes were made for the job – and they come in study-enhancing colours too 😉.

Live your life in full colour

Take a leaf out of autumn’s book and use colour to its full potential. You’ll find those colours will see you through the longest essays and the darkest days of winter.