Celebrating the first year of Zebra Pen UK Brand Ambassadors

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“I’ve absolutely loved being a Zebra Ambassador. I adore the products and the fantastic team at Zebra Pen. It’s been the best and most organised ambassador programme I’ve ever been part of.”

Elizabeth, Zebra Pen UK Brand Ambassador, April 2022 – March 2023


Zebra Pen UK Brand Ambassadors – what a year!

Can you believe that our Zebra Pen Brand Ambassadors have been spreading the word and sharing the love for twelve whole months?! A massive thank you to them for helping us grow the Zebra Pen online community. Our ambassadors are hugely talented, inspirational individuals who choose to use Zebra pens: not because they have to, or they’re paid to, but because they want to. Thank you, ambassadors.

And what they don’t know about a Mildliner Brush isn’t worth knowing… 😉.


Spreading the word, sharing the love

We’re thrilled that so many of our ambassadors choose to stay with us beyond their initial six month-term – and it’s wonderful that two of our original ambassadors – Alex and Sophie are still with us three terms later! Oliwia, who joined us in October is also continuing to work with us throughout 2023. Each of these inspirational women has been unbelievably generous and supportive with her time and input, and we’ve enjoyed the variety in their drawing, planning and writing skills.


Welcoming our four new Zebra Pen UK Ambassadors

And we’re absolutely delighted to welcome four new ambassadors to Zebra Pen UK.

Say hello to… 🥰

Amber @calligraphy.scraps

Favourite colour combo | Purple and blue

Studying for a Master’s degree in Physics and Space Science. A bujo design blackbelt, Amber’s aesthetic mixes it up with scrapbook, self-taught calligraphy and colour combos. She’s worked with the European Space Agency and NASA – no wonder her ideas are out of this world!

Can’t start work without: “Mildliners! They make my notes look so much better! “

Got a secret?

I post my lecture notes [on social media] to motivate me to keep them neat! Otherwise, they’ll be a scribbly mess!”

What else?


“I’m very excited to begin working with Zebra because I’ve been a lifelong fan of their products – Zebra’s well known in the artistic community. I love finding new ways to apply a Zebra Pen to a different art style”

Chloe @journalwithchlo

Favourite colour combo | Loving the whole rainbow! 🌈 but especially yellow 🌻🌼

Teaches 5 and 6-year-olds (imagine how amazing their classroom looks!) Zebra pens help her to plan her teaching and create beautiful bullet journals. Check out her rainbow colour-coded journal shelf! Super-organised, super-creative, super-individual.

Totally in love with: “Mildliners! They’re great for studying and creating.”

Got a secret?

She keeps a curly hair journal. She used to find her curly hair difficult to manage, but now she loves: “Sharing my tips and tricks that I’ve learnt about curly hair.” Chloe’s journal “has helped me see which products work for me and which methods are my favourite. She now loves her hair and loves, ”sharing what I’ve learnt.”


I am a year 1 teacher and love using my pens for planning in my job. I’m super excited about joining the team! I can’t wait to unleash more creativity and show others how to do it too!


Lois @sparklefishuk

Favourite colour combo | lilac/lavender; purple and a pop of crimson red

Works full time for local government in social housing, as well as being a mum, as well as running her own sticker and stationery business on Etsy. And she has an Honours degree in Psychology from the Open University. With a name like Lois, we think she must be the original inspiration for Superwoman …

Can’t leave home without: “the Vintage Sarasa 0.5mm pen in blue-grey. It’s a really gorgeous shade and looks great with everything!”


What else?

She’s been following Zebra Pen long before she became a Brand Ambassador and has been proactive in adopting advice and recommendations she read in our blog: “I find that it gives me tips and tricks which make a positive contribution to my day, and ultimately my mental health. I’ve even used blogs as inspiration for pages in my bullet journal.”



“I’m absolutely honoured to be part of the brand ambassador team and can’t wait to be part of this journey – sharing why I love Zebra pens and how I use my collection!”

Muna @_under.themoon

Favourite colour combo | pastels, in particular lavender

In her third year of a law degree in Criminology. A studygrammer and journaller, she believes journalling can be one of the best things for self-care. Loving the calm, ambient pastel aesthetic of her workspace too. Teaching herself Korean – in her spare time! 🤩 Go Muna!


Loves: Her Zebra pens. “I love the colour ranges and lovely clean, minimal designs, with a choice of tip sizes for headings, notes, or key info that needs to stand out.”


“I’ve been using Zebra pens for the longest time! They’ve always been a staple in my stationery collection – it feels so surreal to be an ambassador! Zebra pens let me explore different colours and styles every single day.”


Doing things for love, not money

Each of our ambassadors has a generosity of spirit we admire. They produce beautiful journal spreads, study guides and artistic designs, and take time to share creative insights and ideas to inspire others. We’re proud they choose to use Zebra pens.

But more than that, our ambassadors remind us that being creative, is a wonderful feeling, and one to nurture for our own wellbeing. It feels good.

“I want to say a big thank you to Zebra Pen UK for being such an amazing brand to work with and make content for.

For everyone who’s joining the Zebra ambassador team – enjoy every minute!”