Celebrating two years of Zebra Pen UK Brand Ambassadors

Celebrating two years of Zebra Pen UK Brand Ambassadors

I’ve really enjoyed working as a Zebra Pen UK Ambassador… it made me realise why I joined the studygram community: to make fun posts about studying and to enjoy putting an imaginative spin on them. It made my studying feel like art that I wanted to share with people.”

George, Zebra Pen UK Brand Ambassador, April 2022 – March 2023


Zebra Pen UK Brand Ambassadors turned two!

Can you believe that our Zebra Pen Brand Ambassador programme has been running for two years now? And during this time, we’ve worked with 15 fabulous individuals from within the creative community. From habit trackers and journal spreads to studygrams and stunning illustrations, each of our talented ambassadors has brought something special to the team. A big thank you to them for helping us grow the Zebra Pen community. Our ambassadors are wonderful, inspirational individuals who choose to use Zebra pens: not because they have to, or because they’re paid to, but because they want to. Thank you, ambassadors.

They’ve also got to know our range of products pretty well now, having tested dozens of designs during their time with us, so feel free to quiz them on their Zebra knowledge – they’ll give you an honest answer about which are their pen favourites.


Spreading the word, sharing the love

We’re thrilled that so many of our ambassadors choose to stay with us beyond their initial six month-term – and it’s wonderful that two of our original ambassadors – Alex and Sophie are still with us five terms later! The remainder of our current team; Amber, Chloe and Lois have been with us over a year. Each of these inspirational women has been unbelievably generous and supportive with her time and input, and we’ve enjoyed the variety in their drawing, planning, and writing skills.


Welcoming our new Zebra Pen UK Brand Ambassadors

And we’re absolutely delighted to celebrate the second anniversary of the ambassador programme by welcoming two new ambassadors to the Zebra Pen UK team.

Say hello to… 🥰




Favourite colour | Purple

Amanda is, in her own words, “a bird nerd!” She loves bird photography and particularly enjoys drawing birds in lots of different mediums. You only have to glance at her Instagram account to see how much fun she has experimenting with different styles of drawing. And although her profile is dominated by birds, you’ll find other wildlife popping up occasionally – a shark, whale; a Dachshund and Highland Cattle are some of her recent colourful creations.

Totally in love with:Mildliners. I love how they blend and add subtle or vibrant colours to my birds. I can create my own colour palettes so easily with the variety of colours there are.”

Got a secret?

Plenty! One is she’s secretly thinking of starting a club for like-minded bird-nerds! 😉

What else?

Mental wellbeing is important to her. “I use drawing and doodling as a self-care tool. I find it soothing and calming if I am going through anything. I struggle with anxiety, and being creative is a massive help with this.” 

She’s excited to begin working with Zebra because: “I am looking forward to trying every single colour of Mildliners! They are my newest obsession.”



Favourite colour combo | Pinks and beiges

Peach is currently studying for her GCSEs and her Instagram studygram account reflects the everyday struggles of a student. She sets herself revision challenges; provides study tips and words of encouragement to others; and shares lifestyle stories and experiences with her followers.

Totally in love with: “Mildliners! They are so nice to work with for highlighting and note taking.

Got a secret?

Not content with just a love of all things pink, she’s a huge fan of heart décor.

What else?

Having already completed GCSE Chinese Mandarin, she’s also learning Japanese – just for fun! AND this super talented girl is a ballerina AND a grade-8 violinist! How does she have the time for school, never mind a studygram? And now she’s a Zebra Pen Brand Ambassador too!

Peach is “looking forward to making my content pretty with Zebra pens that are so aesthetic and perfect for my notes.

Doing things for love

Each of our seven ambassadors oozes a contagious enthusiasm: their love and passion for their craft is unmistakable; and their generosity of spirit is admirable. They produce beautiful journal spreads, study guides and illustrations, and they take time to share creative insights and ideas to inspire others. We’re proud they choose to use Zebra pens.

But more than that, our ambassadors remind us that being creative, is a wonderful feeling, and one to nurture for our own wellbeing. It feels good.

“I’ve loved Zebra pens way before becoming an ambassador and I have just fallen more in love over the last year and half.”

Oliwia, Zebra Pen UK Brand Ambassador October 2022 – April 2024


“I’ve truly appreciated the experience of being a part of the Zebra Pen Brand Ambassador Programme. It’s been an incredible journey, and I’ve truly cherished every moment of it. From the collaborative projects to the daily interactions, it’s been a wonderful experience that I’ll always remember fondly.”

Muna, Zebra Pen UK Brand Ambassador February 2023 – April 2024