Festive Finishing Touches

Festive Finishing Touches

Not long to go now! The big day is getting closer and we’re all getting excited. Of course, you’ve been superbly organised over the past few weeks(!), so you have a little time to add a few, special finishing touches to the Christmas you’re sharing.

Once the essentials are done…

Presents bought? Check. Cards written and delivered? Check. New board game that should keep everyone interested? Check.

With the essentials all taken care of, now it’s time for the really fun part – the things that make it extra special, that show how much you care about your family and friends.

Welcome to your style of Christmas

How can you make your house guests feel welcome, or those receiving presets feel even warmer inside? It doesn’t have to be massively time consuming, and it’s not about how much money you spend. The combination of thoughtfulness and creativity is a special one, and gives you a great opportunity to get your Zebra pens, markers and pencils out and express yourself at this wonderful time of the year.

Free your mind and let the ideas flow

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Add some little touches to a guest bedroom, like fresh flowers or a house plant; a personalised welcome note propped up against a roll of soft towels on the bed.
  • Whether it’s for your own children or those you’ll be seeing over the festive period, kids love creative little moments. How about setting up the pens and paper for a note to Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, maybe with extra paper for a picture as well?
  • Those days between Christmas and New Year can be tricky with little ones if the weather’s really wet. Prepare a treasure hunt with beautifully written clues around the house – with a few edible treats along the way, of course!
  • How about putting together a festive welcome sign to go above the door?

From you enjoying the process of coming up with personalised ideas and creative touches, to everyone who comes into your Christmas home loving the originality and thoughtfulness – it feels good all round.