Fun Easter Crafts

Fun Easter Crafts
It’s a time of year that puts a smile on your face. Spring has arrived and, for many, it’s the first real break when you can take a breath after a busy first few months of the year. Kids are excited because they know there’s chocolate on the way – but there’s plenty of crafting fun to be had before the Easter egg hunts begin…

Easter is a great time to encourage children to be creative and experiment. From decorating eggs to making cut-out bunnies and spring-inspired decorations around the house, Easter crafts are fun for the whole family. And, of course, having your Zebra Pens ready to go means your creations can pop with vibrant spring colours.

5 ideas for kids’ Easter crafts

  • Make a funny bunny face – Take a paper plate (or piece of paper or card cut into a circular shape). Cut some long shapes out of paper to make bunny ears, and stick on some googly eyes if you have some – just draw them on if you don’t. Using tape or a stapler, attach pipe cleaners or straws to make the whiskers – and your bunny face is good to go!
  • Express yourself with emoji eggs – Before decorating a duck egg, it needs to be emptied out, often called ‘blowing out’ (search online for how to do this). If you don’t fancy blowing out eggs, you can hard boil them instead – but remember, they won’t last as long. You can draw simple faces on the eggs, featuring different expressions. You could even create your very own set of emoji eggs!
  • Treat the kids to an Easter bonnet – Take a large rectangle of card and decorate it with your pens, stickers, tissue paper and glitter – whatever you fancy! Then roll it into the shape of a cone (making sure it fits a child’s head), and use sticky tape to secure the edges.
  • Find inspiration before the egg hunt begins – Hiding all the eggs inside or outside your home is just part of it. Put Zebra Pen to paper and write or draw fun, imaginative clues for the children to follow. Perhaps you could make up some particularly tricky clues for the big kids with a sweet tooth!
  • Say it with an Easter greetings card – Relatives love receiving home-made cards (alongside a chocolate egg, of course), and Easter is the perfect opportunity. How about cutting out an egg shape from a piece of card, then getting to work with your pens to help it come to life with different patterns? Finish it off with some colourful pom poms.

Most importantly, make it a feelgood Easter

These are just a few ideas to inspire you and the kids to get the craft box and all your smooth, free-flowing pens Zebra Pens out, ready for action. What new, original creations will be springing up in your house this Easter?