How to make a perfect study plan

How To Make A Perfect Study Plan

Making a study plan you’ll actually stick to

From biorhythms to bus schedules, our lives are dominated by other people’s timetables. But when it comes to further education – it’s over to you to plan your own timetable for studying.

So, to get your studies off to a flying start this term, here’s our Zebra Pen guide to creating the perfect study plan. It’ll give you the best chance of success and staying motivated. Ticking things off your study plan is really rewarding – and you’ll never forget to hand in an assignment again!

Start your journey at the end

Start by setting your personal goals. Try having some really clear, task-based targets, like improving your exam mark by a certain percentage for example. Sophie, one of our seven Zebra Pen Ambassadors, backs this up: “Setting specific, achievable targets for each study session and prioritising my tasks based on importance are two things in particular that have really helped me become a more efficient and productive student!” Specific weekly goals are really helpful too.

Making a task list

Top tip! Put the fun stuff in first

If we’re happy, we’re motivated and have things to look forward to. So start by listing the fun stuff! Put in your ‘must-see’ Netflix shows; (Stranger Things; Bridgerton anyone?) Friday night out in the uni bar; that film you want to see at the cinema; then list timetabled events such as lectures, seminars or catch-ups with your tutors.

And planning the timetable

Top tip!  Plan by task, not by subject

Study plans aren’t just timetables. They work best when they’re specific, task-related goals – ‘Revise thermodynamics’ rather than ‘1 hour chemistry revision’. Be honest about what you find easy, and what’s going to take more time. Smart study planners structure their timetables in 25 minute sessions with a 5 minute break in between. Then they ‘code’ their tasks. If it’s a harder task for you, allocate more sessions. That way you can tailor your study plan to you.

Now the fun starts!

If you’re a Zebra Pen user, we know how creative you are! Your study plan is going to be your Bible, so it’s worth making it beautiful and inspirational to look at. You can customise by colour – try out our Zebra Mildliners or Sarasa gels – to highlight and embellish. Add inspirational quotes too.

Top tip! Give yourself a break

Everyone has a limit to how much they can take in. So those five-minute ‘me-time’ breaks are really important for managing your workload and your stress levels. Choose a track from your Spotify playlist, daydream, doodle, make yourself a drink or grab a snack. Creative inspiration often comes in the spaces we leave between the lines.

Why study plans are good for the mind

Taking the time to make a personal study plan can be as good for our own wellbeing and mental health as our grades. As Sophie says: “Taking time to make a study plan – in whatever way works for you personally – makes such a huge difference and helps prevent unneeded stress!”

A study plan says: ‘You’ve got this.’

Don’t forget to check out Sophie’s Insta account: @myhoneststudyblr – her study plans are awesome!