Inspired by the seasons: spring

Inspired by the seasons Spring

New beginnings

“Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.”– Anon

Spring: the season of new beginnings. The time when the natural world revives and reinvigorates after the colder winter months. Dormant plants begin to grow, new seedlings sprout, and hibernating animals awake.

In Greek mythology, Persephone, (daughter of Zeus and Demeter) the goddess of spring, was also a goddess of fertility and represented the power of transformation—the idea that life can always be reborn from death and destruction. In modern times, we continue to associate spring with a time of rebirth and new life.

Although in the meteorological calendar it starts on 1st March, spring doesn’t officially begin until the spring equinox on 20th March (in the Northern Hemisphere). But for those of us who find the cold, dark months of winter a struggle, spring begins as soon as we catch a glance of our first snowdrop, crocus, or daffodil! And what a welcome delight these miniature gifts of nature are!

A delight, and indeed, an inspiration, particularly for those of us with creative tendencies!

This month we talk to some of our brand ambassadors about what spring means to them and how the season of new beginnings inspires them in their creativity.


Chloe – refreshed

For Chloe, spring is like a second chance. A time to start again.

“Spring is a refreshing time of year. I set goals and resolutions in January and sometimes I don’t keep to them. Spring gives a sense of resetting for me.”

Chloe’s favourite colour is yellow. And it’s one of the colours we see dominating our spring landscapes, with the crocus; daffodil; forsythia; primrose and later, tulip carpeting our parks and gardens. And if you too are looking for an opportunity to renew and refresh, then why not do it with a splash of sunshine yellow to bring us out of a long, grey winter!


Sophie – rejuvenated

Queen of colour combos, Sophie loves using a wide variety of colour palettes in her university study notes. Highlighting key words and topics, helps her to memorise information crucial to her studies. And this is where Mildliners – Sophie’s favourite Zebra pens come into their own: “The range of colours available with Zebra pens has encouraged me to try new colour palettes and combinations in my notes and also try new styles with lettering or doodles.”

“For me, spring always inspires me to use lots of colours. I always find that it’s a time when my creativity is strongest.”


Lois – motivated

It’s not difficult to feel encouraged when everything around you is teeming with signs of new life.

“I find this time of year really uplifting. I love that spring is when we see blossom on trees, and I feel more motivated sketching or journalling on the lighter evenings.”

If you’ve seen any of Lois’s work, you’ll know she’s a huge fan of purple – and of course, we see lots of purple in spring; from hyacinth and grape hyacinth; to lupin and lilac. How can anyone not feel motivated with explosions of indigo and violet everywhere you turn? And with the days becoming warmer and longer, it’s a great time to get outdoors and experience first-hand, the joys of spring.

Alex – inspired

Alex loves the big outdoors and takes every opportunity to explore the wildlife both home and abroad (we were incredibly jealous of her recent Canadian trip!) Passionate about journalling, we’ve enjoyed sharing in her everyday family experiences, from her visits to local places of interest to encounters with wildlife in her area. It’s not every day you can say you’ve spotted a barn owl on the school run!

‘’I find spring the most inspirational of all the seasons” says Alex. “I love how everything just bursts into life and often include nature themes in my journals. The lighter mornings and an early dog walk in amongst nature definitely help me come up with ideas for my creative pursuits.”

As devoted to journalling as she is to the outdoors, Mildliner Brush pens are her go-to pen for creative activities.


Muna – joyful

Ultimately, creativity needs to be pleasurable and if immersing yourself in the glories of spring brings the refreshment, joy and release that’s needed, then this can only be good for body, mind, and soul.

As brand ambassador Muna says: “I love spring because it’s like nature hitting the reset button – everything comes alive again! The sun feels warmer, flowers pop up out of nowhere, and suddenly, it’s all about new beginnings. Spring just brings a happy vibe that I can’t get enough of!”

Like Alex, Muna enjoys nature walks. Pastels are her favourite colour palette – which are of course perfect for spring creativity.


Perfectly packaged

And if you’re feeling inspired by our ambassadors’ love of spring, then why not treat yourself to the ideal creative partner? Our dual-tipped Mildliner favourites are now available in a Gentle palette – soda blue; lilac; baby pink; honey orange; and sherbet yellow – spring perfectly packaged. Available in Tesco stores from the 25th March.