Intentional Living

Intentional Living

How setting and achieving your goals can help you feel more fulfilled

We all know how hard it can be putting in the work, day after day but when it finally pays off, there’s no better feeling of accomplishment. In this blog we explore the benefits of setting long-term goals and how it can improve wellbeing.

With new year resolutions long forgotten and disappointment setting in, we’re here to change the narrative. It’s not too late! You can still set yourself goals and feel good doing it.

Improved wellbeing

Planning with purpose can help you get organised, feel prepared and inspire some much-needed productivity. It’s also an opportunity to feel good about yourself and welcome stability into your life. Whether it’s the tricky work-life balance or better managing needs of self over needs of others, goal setting can help you prioritise better.

Pen in-hand and ready to write?

To help you get in the zone, let’s ask, where do you see yourself this time next year? Then, what can you do to make sure you get there? Here’s a few ideas to get you started on writing your own proactive purposes:

What your goals could look like

  • start a new hobby
  • do more of what I love
  • go where I’ve always wanted to go
  • learn a new skill
  • be more eco-friendly in this way
  • do my bit for the community
  • feel healthier by…

Having your aspirations, dreams or plans in order and on paper can feel freeing. Cemented in the knowledge that you are committed to achieving them. However, tempting it is to write bold targets, when they’re too demanding we miss out on that feel-good factor of completion, and it can become a chore. Reaching your goals can be just as fun as writing them, we just need to be realistic and take one thing at a time.

Remember, there’s no time limit, achieving your aspirations only has the deadline you give it!

Make March matter

It’s never too late to make plans. Setting yourself goals can help with time management, organisation and creativity. How you decide and complete your goals is ultimately up to you, so have fun with them!

Make each day matter so that your year is filled with personal achievements that make you feel good. We hope we’ve inspired you to pick up your pen and get planning!