For the love of writing

for the love of writing

Love is all around the moment you pick up a Zebra Pen.

There’s loving the feeling of picking up your favourite writing tool, and its smooth flow. Loving the idea of sending a personal message and creating something beautiful. And then there’s the special feeling of receiving something that’s just for you.

Lost art or cherished skill?

Many people describe the act of writing as a lost art, be it cursive, joined-up handwriting or calligraphy. But it’s still loved by many, and something plenty of people take a lot of pride in.

Developing your own handwriting style is very rewarding, and it’s nice when loved ones know the post is from you just by seeing the way the address or greeting is written.

Love the feel of it

The feeling of writing with a Zebra Fountain Pen is unmistakable. With its stainless-steel nib and fine point, there’s something elegant and sophisticated about using our fountain pen – whichever of the vibrant colours you choose. The innovative ink-delivery system provides its smooth, consistent flow, making it so easy to pick up and start writing with style.

The joy of connecting with others

When do you use your Zebra Fountain Pen? It’s the perfect complement to a handmade card. It’s the best tool for writing letters to a longstanding friend or staying in touch with a family member. It’s a nice touch when dropping someone a quick, handwritten note to let them know you’re thinking of them.

The positive feeling works both ways when it comes to sending something through the post or popping it through their letterbox. There’s the satisfaction of putting pen to paper, expressing your thoughts and good wishes, plus the good feeling of reaching out to a loved one. Then there’s the surprise and warmth of receiving a physical note, letter or card: something to enjoy, pour over and keep.

It completes you

Taking your time and taking pride with a fountain pen is a special feeling and another expression of your unique style. It’s a super addition to your pen collection and stationery drawer too. What’s not to love?!