Make this summer work for you

make this summer work for you

It might seem a way off in the distance when you’re in the thick of preparing for exams, but your free summer months aren’t actually that far away. What have you already got planned? If you haven’t lined anything up yet, there’s still plenty of time to fill your summer with memorable and valuable experiences.

It doesn’t have to be a waiting game

When exams and final assignments are over and with results not out until later in the summer, there are some exciting months ahead of you before the new academic year – or before you start a new challenge. Take a little break from your busy schedule to think about what you could do. How can you make your summer fun, productive and rewarding, all at the same time?

Experience really does count

How’s your CV looking? Could it do with a bit more ‘real world’ experience, and perhaps a greater variety of activities and achievements? Summer is a great time to add some work experience to your CV. This could be working for a local shop or store; or you could spend some time in a business or environment that you’re interested in for your career. Do some web research and get in touch to see if there are any placement/internship opportunities – these can be paid or unpaid, but are a real bonus when potential employers see it on your CV.

Variety is the spice of life!

Rather than committing to one major activity or job over the sunny months, it may be that you fill your time with all the things you’ve been thinking about for the past year. It could be a short break to a city you’ve always wanted to explore. Or devoting some proper time to an art or craft project that you’ve only been dipping in and out of up to now. Or refreshing the way your bedroom looks and feels.

Wouldn’t it be great to look back on your summer and think about all the different things you’ve completed and accomplished?

What next? Your Top 5 Planning Pointers

  1. First things first – get a big piece of paper ready or start a section in your journal, and jot ideas and notes down with your go-to Zebra Pen as they come to you.
  2. Think about the things you enjoy doing – can you do more of them, productively? How about looking into outdoor activities and sports, or helping at a kids’ summer camp?
  3. Write down all the useful contacts you already have, and think of what new contacts you can make – parents of friends may be able to help you.
  4. Are there any local volunteering opportunities to make a difference to your community? Research the groups and charities that operate nearby.
  5. Keeping busy and having fun will help reduce stress or any worry you may have while you wait for your results. Get out there and get involved this summer!