Make time for me-time in your life

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Why me-time is so important for our wellbeing

Women are born multi-taskers; adept at caring for everyone else first, and then themselves if they’ve a spare minute at the end of the day. That can be really damaging for both physical and mental health – and also self-esteem. And at this time of year, with end of term assignments due, or exam deadlines (your own or your children’s) looming, it’s all too easy to find yourself overstretched, overstressed and overwhelmed.

Whatever happened to me-time? No wonder so many of us are the wrong side of the stress curve.

Make way for me-time

And that’s why this blog is about me-time. And if you are a guy, this is for you too: we’re all capable of burning the candle at both ends! Ringfencing me-time is the best thing you can do for your mental health. And, like most other things in your busy life – you have to plan the pauses for me-time too.

What is me-time?

Me-time helps you get life back in perspective again.

It’s quality time, often in your own company but not always, when you take the time you need – and deserve! – to do exactly what you want. To reflect, relax, recharge.

When you reconnect with the world, you’ll be calmer, happier, more centered, more positive – and more creative.

Don’t get guilt-tripped into skipping your me-time.

How do I make time for me-time?

Timetable it in! It feels counter-intuitive somehow, but it’s the best way to get the me-time habit started. It can be as little as ten minutes, or an hour a day. Gaze out of the window as you listen to your favourite music, watch your favourite Netflix series; doodle or draw; or spend time reflecting in your journal.

Me-time can be anywhere – even on your commute home.

Are you someone who can’t say no?

The me-time habit only works if you set boundaries – which means learning to say no to other people. This isn’t something that women are particularly good at – which is why our to-do lists get longer and longer. Practice the art of saying ‘no’ without saying ‘sorry’ first – people respect you more if you value yourself.

Everybody’s me-time is different

Our top tip for me-time?

Don’t overthink it. Go with whatever makes you happy. If that’s a coffee in your favourite mug – fabulous. A luxurious massage? Book it in – me-time should be a habit you can’t break and should never give up.

Me-time isn’t spare time, or time left over. It’s time to free your mind, and centre yourself again.