Starting a new job? Get the perfect work-life balance from day one

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Fit your work around your life, not your life around your work

You’ve got a new job? Congratulations! Whether it’s your first full time job out of college, or you’re already on that career ladder, being offered a new job feels good. So take a moment just to feel pleased, and proud.

They chose the right person, after all! 😌

Making it work from day one

There are countless blogs and top tips out there on starting a new job and making the best impression. But almost all of them focus on the effect you’ll have in your new job, rather than the effect the new job will have on you – and all your other commitments.

This new job will be a big part of your life, but not the only part. So, let’s get the balance right – from day one.

Plan, plan and plan some more!

Just as you prepared for the interview, you need to prepare for a new job. Start your planning three weeks out. Some of the most important planning isn’t to do with your job at all. If there are some days you’ll need to work late, you may need to ask a friend to help run your kids to various after school clubs.

If you’re the main cook, make a meal plan for the first few weeks. Batch cooking and freezing at the weekend will mean everyone eats healthily and you’re not starting to cook from scratch after a long day.

And an absolute, non-negotiable part of your planning is to schedule in time for your own wellbeing. You may need to change the days you go to the gym or meet up with friends. But don’t let your personal life be side-lined by your new job – however amazing it is.

Counting down to day one – the week before

Do a dry run on everything – from your route to work to your Wi-Fi if you’re hybrid working. Check you can open, and run, any apps or links you’ve been sent. Keep an eye on the company’s social posts too – it might spark some ideas, or help you strike up conversations with new work mates.

If you’re working from home, reorganise your environment so it feels fresh and welcoming. You could change it up, invest in new plants, frames and fragrances, or a wall organiser to make you feel at home in your new role.

Make your workspace a place where you are comfortable and feel good.

New job? New stationery please!

Let’s face it, we’re all stationery-holics! A brand-new job is a blank piece of paper for you to write the next chapter of your career story. And deciding what we want to write with is almost as exciting as deciding what we want to wear on our first day! Invest in some new Z-Grips and Mildliners, sticky-notes in your favourite colour, and perhaps a new journal – somewhere to record your first impressions and all those ideas that are bound to be buzzing around your head when you first start.

Two days to go

Now’s the moment to reach out to check what time you’re expected, and who you should ask for on arriving. You can ask how people dress, anything you should prepare, and explore what you might be doing in your first week.

The night before

Choose what you want to wear – and wear things you know are suitable for the type of work you are doing. Make sure you’ve got your breakfast and lunch sorted – as well as anyone else’s you need to organise! – and clear your evening so you can concentrate on relaxing. Have a good, healthy dinner – nothing too spicy or garlicky! – and head for bed early.

The better prepared you are, the calmer and more confident you’ll feel, and seem.

Feeling like you belong

Your dream job is one which you can’t imagine not doing. A role that inspires and stretches you to be your best but doesn’t demand that you sacrifice everything else in your life. The best employers now recognise that the new working culture is flexible, and to keep the best employees, they need to help them balance their personal and professional lives.

We all deserve to feel proud of what we achieve at work. It’s part of our personal wellbeing, and self-esteem. We hope this is your dream job – and before long, you feel like you belong there. Good luck!