Spring has Sprung with Mildliner

Spring is traditionally the time for cleaning, clearing, sorting out and being ready and organised to start the year. And it’s also a popular time to break out the Spring pastels and ice-cream shades to give our spirits a lift and put a smile on our faces. And stationery is no exception.

Take a positive step into Spring with this season’s trendiest pastel highlighters – the gorgeous Zebra Mildliner highlighters; available in two distinct palettes, Fluorescent warm tones to stand out from the crowd, and Cool & Refined tones for a more subtle style.

Mildliner’s unique mild colour is double-ended so can be used for a wide range of marking and highlighting applications.

  • Plan your day, week or month on your calendar or diary with the fine point tip.
  • Highlight important dates, facts and figures in your coursework or textbooks.
  • Colour code flashcards for revision.
  • Use the broad tip for hand lettering scrapbooks, photo albums and invitations.
  • Start a Bullet Journal.

Mainly thanks to Instagram, Bullet Journals have become an internet sensation across the globe with the BuJo creator, Ryder Carroll promising his method will help you live a more productive and meaningful life. Author, Cal Newport goes further saying “It will not only help you get more organised but will also help you become a better person.” So, no pressure BuJo!

But studies show that writing things down can have a massive impact on your life, mental capacity and mental wellbeing. And here are six potentially life-changing benefits of writing things down as identified by Lifehack:

  1. Clear your mind of everyday tasks to give you headspace for higher-level thinking.
  2. Help process your emotions and work through difficult situations.
  3. Record the past so thoughts and feelings aren’t forgotten.
  4. Gain a sense of achievement from completing a journal or diary, or tasks ticked off a list.
  5. Think big and achieve your goals by exploring your dreams and ambitions.
  6. Increase your commitment to achieving your plans once they are written down.

Writing things down will certainly focus your attention. Add symbols to signify different types of entry or priorities – such as those used in bullet journaling – and colour code so you can easily navigate your notes.

If you’d like to know more about Bullet Journals and how they work, this piece from Good Housekeeping talks you through the basics.

Make your mark with your Mildliner. Find Zebra Mildliners online and in your local Paperchase store.