Put a spring in your step!

spring in your step
In our busy lives we need to remember to take time to stop. To look up, listen to nature and smell the spring air. When we make ourselves number one for a few moments, we’re helping our health and wellbeing. And whether it’s a spot of exercise or some overdue relaxation (or both), springtime is perfect for some ‘me’ time.

A season full of fresh promise

For many people, spring is their favourite season, with longer daylight hours, nature coming out and a little more warmth in the air. It’s a time to plan more days out, get out and exercise on your bike or your own two feet, make the garden ‘summer ready’, or simply spend more time outdoors with a book or with friends.

Feel good on the move

If you find yourself working indoors for a lot of the week, schedule in some regular time to get outside for some fresh air. Whether it’s a run, cycle ride, kick-about in the park, swim in the lake or lido, or simply a ten-minute walk around the block, it makes such a positive difference to your state of mind.

Breathe new life into your creativity

The outdoors is also great inspiration. Whether it’s depicting a scene when you’re painting or drawing, or simply being outside to put pen to paper, you’ll feel good as you enjoy and express yourself this spring!

4 bright ideas for spring

  1. What do you do to exercise? However gentle or vigorous, it could be even more fun with a friend. How about dropping them a line to see if they want to join you?
  2. What hobby do you have that could be done just as easily outdoors as indoors? If you love sketching or journalling, why not find a new spot outside – in your home, at the park or away from it all – where you can relax and express yourself.
  3. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or modest window box grower, is there anything new or different you could nurture this year?
  4. It’s a great time of year for a good sort out and freshen up of your home and belongings. Which Zebra Pens haven’t you used for a while? Is there any artwork that you’ve been meaning to frame and get up on the wall?