Stress-free holiday planning

Stress-free holiday planning
Holidays are back in a big way, which is great news for our wellbeing, both physical and emotional. But how many of us are ‘’ when it comes to the actual planning and getting ready to go? Packing just hours before the flight, panicking about the hotel transfer, or forgetting that rule about no more than 100ml of liquid in your hand luggage. Sound familiar?

We’ve put together a Zebra Pen list of practical holiday planning tips. Making a list and having a plan makes you feel calmer and more prepared. You could get creative with your list; colour-code it or personalise it.

The Zebra Pen Holiday Countdown Checklist

2 weeks out

  • Work out how much money you need, and add a little bit more, just in case.
  • Research the place you’re headed – fun activities, exciting trips, and cool places to eat. Consider booking excursions and restaurants in advance too – you can always change them later.
  • Find your passport – and make sure anybody you’re travelling with finds theirs too 😌.
  • Get some travel insurance sorted.

1 week out

  • Order some local currency from the bank or change some money if you’re going off the beaten track.
  • Start planning what you want to pack and how much you’ll have room for! Some people start getting things out now, so they’ve still got time to buy anything they’re missing. It helps you colour-coordinate too! Check the temperature of your destination.
  • Let friends or family know where you are going and what your plans are, especially if you’re travelling on your own.

The day before!

  • Time to get cracking on the packing. Put your name and address inside your bags as well as outside.
  • If you live on your own, check you haven’t left anything in the fridge that might go off, and switch off appliances at the wall.
  • Pop your pens and journal or sketchbook into your hand luggage, along with essentials like phone chargers, travel plugs, swimsuit. And pack a little treat for yourself for that fantastic moment when you’re actually on your way!

Feeling good about your holiday

Holidays should be the times when we all de-stress. So don’t try to cram too much in – either your suitcase or your time away!

And when you’re there, free your mind, enjoy the break, and take the time to pick up a pen and record your experiences in your travel journal or notebook. Don’t forget to tag us in your pictures too!