Finding the right pen for the job

finding the right pen for the job

Our top four Zebra pens this summer

We all love a pen that feels good in your hand. One that makes writing or designing a pleasure. After all, there’s nothing more annoying than feeling inspired to create something beautiful, only to have your pen smudge or scratch, or worse still, run out on you. It’s like a bad date.

We want to help you choose the right pen for you. One that makes you feel good – and your designs or notes look even better. These are our top four pens for summer 2022, and if you’re just starting to think about that new term or course in September, now’s the perfect time to find your feelgood pen.

The Z-Grip Smooth. A pen for all seasons

Z-grip smooth

“The ink is gorgeous and smooth – it’s a great pack of pens and would be good for general note taking – the quality is decent and they do the job!” @thestudygene one of our Zebra Pen Brand Ambassadors.

This is a brilliant all-rounder – the pen that you’ll use every day. The Z-Grip Smooth is a retractable ballpoint, available in a pack of five colours (including violet!) and a black-only pack. Like all our Zebra family, the Z-Grip Smooth has low viscosity ink which makes for a super-smooth ink flow as you write. Use it for diaries, notes, brainstorming, calendars; pop one in every handbag and keep a full set at home or in your office.

And if you need to get your ideas or words down on paper quickly, it’s smudge-free, and the rib grip means it won’t slip, or make your hand ache!

The Sarasa gel ink pen

sarasa gel pens

“I love my Zebra Sarasa pen. It is so inky but also doesn’t smudge – it is such a nice pen to write with!” @studypattern, one of our Zebra Pen Brand Ambassadors.

sarasa gel pens

This is the go-to pen of our Ambassadors, and when you use a Sarasa we hope you’ll feel the difference. Because it’s a blended mix of ballpoint and gel pen, it’s the best of both worlds. All Zebra pens are smooth, but the Sarasa seems to gliii-i-i-ide onto the page. It has the precision of a felt tip (with a thinner 0.7mm nib) so it’s lovely for fine writing and neat work, but its standout feature is how quickly it dries. Good news for lefthanders!

Pick up a Sarasa when you’re about to create something special for someone you care about, such as a card or letter to mark a special occasion. Or just because it feels so good to use.

And like the Z-Grip, it’s retractable. Lost pen tops are so last century.

The 901. The pen to inspire ‘pen-envy’!

901 Ballpoint pen

“The 901 refillable ballpoint is a contemporary designed pen which writes beautifully and is lovely and comfortable to hold too.” @thejournalcorner, one of our Zebra Pen Brand Ambassadors.

The 901 looks quality – and it is. It’s at the top of the retractable ballpoint pen market. Styled for the executive, it has a classic stainless-steel barrel, and it’s refillable too, so when you invest in a 901, you’re investing in a pen to last.

The ergonomically designed, crush-proof case makes it easy to wrap or send through the post if you’re thinking of a gift for someone starting a new job. You’ll want it on your desk at work (but probably best to keep it where you can see it, as it tends to ‘walk’!)

This is the Zebra Pen to inspire ‘pen-envy’, so look out for your resident pen thief!

The Doodler’z. The fun of a felt tip. The glide of a gel.


“The pigment of these pens is incredible and they are so so smooth to write with!” @journalwithbeth, one of our Zebra Pen Brand Ambassadors.


These are the Zebra gel pens to go wild for – and go wild with! We’ve created a 10-pack of glitter gel Doodler’z, and a 10-pack of neon and ‘fashion’ Doodler’z in dazzling colours. The neons are so luminous they practically glow in the dark, and the glitter range has a hint of sparkle in them to give your work a sheen as it catches the light.

Because they’re gel pens, you wait a fraction longer for drying (but only a second!). Doodler’z aren’t designed for fast writing or note taking but they’re perfect for doodling, journalling and freestyling any craft project. These pens are the ones to take with you on holiday for when inspiration strikes.

It feels good

Whether you’re doodling, writing your to-do list or got a long essay looming, using your favourite pen should always be a pleasure. It should never, ever feel like hard work!

Let’s get Zen with your next Zebra Pen!