Welcoming our inspirational new Zebra Pen UK Brand Ambassadors

Welcome to our Zebra Pen UK Brand Ambassadors

Inspiration is all around us

Where does inspiration come from? Sometimes it’s from inside us, in a quiet moment, when words or pictures just seem to create themselves. Creativity is a wonderful feeling, and one to nurture. It feels good. But often it’s the individualism and self-expression of someone else that just stops us in our tracks. We’re thrilled to welcome 7 inspirational individuals who have agreed to become our first Zebra Pen UK Brand Ambassadors.

Helping us spread the word

Our Magnificent 7 have been inspiring us over the past year, with their unique personal styles, and creative passion. Here they are. 🥰

Sophie @myhoneststudyblr

Favourite colour combo | gold/yellow with a deep turquoise.

Studying International Relations at university from September. Addicted to Zebra pens, creating stunning study vlogs and studygrams. Passionate about languages and travelling.


“Zebra Pen’s range of colours has encouraged me to try new colour palettes and combinations in my notes and also experiment with new styles with lettering or doodles. I can’t wait to incorporate them into my notetaking routine!”

Bethany @journalwithbeth

Favourite colour combo | pink and grey (but loving red too!).

1st year Undergraduate Law with Politics student. Into bullet journals and journalling. And she’s ‘a bit of a sucker’ for musical theatre!


“When I was growing up, stationery shopping was always my favourite part of going back to school. I used to collect pens in all different shapes and sizes – I still do!”


Lynn @lazyxbean

Favourite colour combo | Grey and yellow! So underrated 🥰

Final year student MSc Health Psychology Study. Inspirational bullet and lifestyle journaller. Loves sport, Netflix and puppies – who doesn’t?!


“I’ve always been obsessed with stationery! I remember when the Mildliners came out – it was so mind-blowing to see pastel highlighters. It completely changed the way I studied and planned my journal spreads.”


Favourite colour combo | sage green & gold!!

Working towards GCSEs, Studypattern* creates a brilliant studygram with top tips, motivational and inspirational notes. Passionate about history – and socialising!


“I’ve used Zebra pens ever since I started secondary school, so becoming an Ambassador feels like such an honour! Zebra pens inspire my creativity as there is such a wide range of colours and styles – there’s something for everyone.”


George @hexa_studies

Favourite colour combo | Deep purples and lilacs – purple gel pens and lilac highlighters.

MA Graduate in Medieval Literature and Languages. Inspirational studygrammer and book reviewer. Massive Dr Who fan and loves a bit of gaming.


“I’m really looking forward to doing something creative. I haven’t had much time to unwind and be artsy, rather than practical! Being an Ambassador is a great break from the routine of work and research. It’s like having a fresh page to start writing something new.”

Elizabeth @thestudygene

Favourite colour combo | pastel pink and lilac.

Working towards a BSc (hons) Health Sciences, graduating end of 2023. And working in the paediatrics department at a hospital. Creates and shares studygrams for working professionals. Loves yoga and she’s passionate about women’s health.


“Who said stationery had to be boring?! I love the combination of functional stationery mixed with pretty aesthetics! I love bringing colour into my work and planning as it makes it much more enjoyable.”


Alex @thejournalcorner

Favourite colour combo | teal blues.

Inspirational bullet journalist, working mum of 3, self-confessed stationery addict. Loves being outdoors with her golden retriever.


“My pens and journals are a way to escape the chaos of family life – it’s been so much fun rediscovering a hobby I loved when younger. Just the aesthetics of a bundle of Zebra pens is usually enough to inspire me to get creative!”

Living a more creative life

If you’re into stationery, then chances are you’re already using Zebra pens. But being a Brand Ambassador isn’t all freebies and followers. It’s about spreading the word that creative expression is key to our mental wellbeing and feeling good about ourselves.

We want to say thank you to each of our Magnificent 7 for inspiring us, and we’re looking forward to following their personal journeys in the coming months.

Whenever you hold a Zebra Pen in your hand, we believe that you can be whoever you want to be.