What Does Your Pen Style Say About You?

We may live in a digital age, but pens are definitely back in style.

A few years ago, everyone was tapping their lists and notes on a little screen – but now we are rediscovering the joys of writing.

We are relishing the tactile feel of ink gliding smoothly across the page. Our journals are filling up with our dreams and goals. We are filling our pen pots and getting our desks Instagram ready!

New trends in pens mean you can choose a writing implement to reflect your personality and to match your mood.

No matter if you are a minimalist technology fan or prefer a funky style that expresses your quirky personality, you can find the perfect pen for you. The pen you choose can reveal a surprising amount about your personality, so read on to find out what your favourite style says about you.

Rose gold pen

Rose gold is the hottest trend in colour and is found in everything from furniture, to makeup to stationery!

If you choose a rose gold pen, you love modern trends but still embrace classic styling and timeless chic.

You like the refined things in life, whilst expressing your individuality and flair.

The rose gold pen suits your dedication to quality and elegance yet allows your creative side to shine through. You love tradition, but sometimes want to break from rigid conventions and try something different.

If you love rose gold pens, it suggests you also have a good eye for design and want everything in your life to be beautiful.

You probably have a selection of pens and matching accessories on a desk that is both gorgeous to behold and a symbol of your creative spirit.

Animal print pens

If your favourite pen has an animal print design, it says a lot about your values in life.

Fun and funky prints show creative flair and a desire to stand out from the crowd. You hate life to be boring and are prepared to take creative risks.

In addition, the choice of an animal print also shows your love of the wild and your passion for taking care of our beautiful world.

You love adventure and I’m guessing your animal print pen spends as much time in your backpack as it does on your desk!

Your choice of pen suggests you have strong values with plenty of ideas and aren’t afraid to share them.

However, you also have a big heart and are full of compassion for our precious planet and every person, plant and animal that shares it with us.

Stainless steel barrelled pen

Choosing a stainless steel pen suggests you value quality and strength.

You like precision in your life and have a fine eye for detail. You love technology but value tradition, too.

Your writing implement has a job to do and it should do it well, but it should also do it with some sophistication. You like the sleek lines of a stainless steel pen as well as its hardwearing good looks and durability.

You are not part of the throwaway generation, because you value craftsmanship and technology that endures.

You value functionality as well as style, and your desire for accuracy and excellence shines through in everything you do.

Of course, whatever style of pen you choose you also value the functionality of a well-designed pen made with craftsmanship and quality materials – it’s not all about looks! You want a pen that writes smoothly and is comfortable to hold as well as one that doesn’t smudge or leak.

So, whether you are stylish and creative, wild and quirky or sleek and sophisticated you can find the perfect pen for you.

Or perhaps your pen pot contains a mixture of styles, in which case you can stock up with a range of pens to suit your mood.