Why drawing nature is so good for your wellbeing

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How gorgeous is April – the season of new life and new hope? It’s hard not to feel your spirits lift when you see a drift of blossom on a cherry tree, or a blaze of daffodils or tulips and a blue sky.

Spring is our real feelgood season. The world bursts into bud or blossom when we’re least expecting it. Suddenly, there’s a bank of crocuses or a carpet of primroses where there were none the day before.

Time for us too to refresh ourselves, emotionally and physically, after those long and dreary winter months.

Drawing nature – the natural high

Spring often signals a burst of intense activity in our own lives, too. Many of us are studying for our own exams, at college or the Open University, or we’re helping our children revise. Both of our April blogs focus on the importance of taking care of your wellbeing when the world’s starting to spin a little too fast.

Being creative is your first secret weapon for your own emotional wellbeing. And the second is being outside, in the fresh air and closer to nature.

Combining the two isn’t the secret of life, but it really can supercharge your own batteries.

Why we’re more creative in the open air

When we’re outdoors, inspiration, is all around us, whether it’s the intense colour of a flower; the first butterfly of spring; the melodious singing of birds; or the gentle bleating of new-born lambs. The sights and sounds of nature provoke a sense of awe and wonder in us and boost positive emotions such as mindfulness and contentment. Putting pen to paper, taking the time to draw the beauty around you, gives your mind time to breathe. Expressing ourselves through art renews the soul!

Drawing destresses us and helps us to be present. For some people, it’s almost like meditation.

You don’t have to be a Leonardo…just take the time to look twice

Springtime is such an inspirational season – and you don’t have to be the world’s greatest artist to capture the moment. Even if you’ve never tried sketching or painting nature before, just pick up a pen or pencil – and really look at what you’re drawing.

Quietly concentrating when we’re drawing takes us out of ourselves, away from our iPhones and to-do lists and allows our creativity to flow.

You might turn the sketches into borders and decorations for revision planners or study journals; make your mini masterpiece into greetings cards; or pin bigger pieces of artwork on your wall to inspire you when you’re studying.

Whenever you just need to take a quiet time-out.

Don’t forget to take…

…your Z-Grip Smooths and Mildliner Brush pens! Z-Grip Smooths have the glide and the fine tips to help you capture the fine detail without smudging. And the Mildliners’ Brushes are perfect for more expressive artwork. They’re available in the classic pastels of spring, from fresh mint green to daffodil yellow and blush pink and did you know you can even use them with a dab of water to create a watercolour effect?!

Head outside – everything seems possible when spring is here!

Being outdoors in the spring sunshine, drawing what you see all around you as it bursts into life, opens our own minds to fresh possibilities and positivity.

So, head outside, take your pens, go with the flow and free your imagination!