Zebra Mildliners: Perfectly Pastel

zebra mildliners perfectly pastel

It’s a spring thing!

Say goodbye to sluggish winter and hello to fresh spring. Full of possibilities and the chance to start something new. It’s not really spring without the obligatory bulbs in bloom, cute baby animals and of course, our pastel shades of Zebra Mildliner™ and Mildliner™ Brush Pens. The perfect pen partners to get you in the spirit for creating the new.

These carefully curated colours ignite the potential of spring and help unleash your raw creativity, encouraging unique crafting and personal expression without restriction. The broad and fine twin-tipped design of the Mildliner, and the thick paintbrush tip combined with an ultra-fine marker of the Mildliner Brush Pen, provides wonderful flexibility. The only limitation is your imagination.

What do we hope spring will bring? It could be a time when you feel productive, creative or optimistic. Maybe it’s when calm sets in, with feelings of contented happiness, we need a palette to match the mood. Zebra Mildliner and Mildliner Brush Pens offer a serene set of soft pastel shades. Liberated from any worries, you can rest assured our water-resistant ink will dance on the page without any bleed through.

The mild pigment-based ink gives a lovely translucent quality, ideal for layering your designs and adding depth to lettering. The paintbrush-like tip of the Mildliner Brush gives fluidity to your movement and is great for typographical based projects. You have the freedom to choose between the ultra-fine marker tip for consistent lines or the brush tip for thick and thin strokes. Want a chiselled highlighter effect or fine tip for writing and marking? Choose our original Mildliner pens.

So, what will you make with your spring palette?

Spring into creativity

  • get creative outdoors and document the new signs of spring
  • create a bespoke greetings card
  • get organised with tactile to-do’s, filing and project planning
  • plan a picnic: why not send out handmade invitations to your friends?
  • write up some new baking recipes to use in the kitchen
  • plan your next trip, staycation or holiday?

Spring is full of opportunities, it’s a wonderful time to get crafting with our pastel colours. We can’t wait to see where your creativity takes you!