Zen's Friends
Our Commitment to Saving Species

Over 100 years ago Zebra Pen’s Corporate Founder, Mr. Ishikawa, found inspiration in the company’s name sake. Of great significance was the zebra’s strong family herding instinct, as he aspired to provide both employee and customer a business culture built on the principles of family and the value of its contributing members. Today, we encourage you to join Zebra Pen in its collaborative efforts to help the AZA in its conservation efforts to save Zen and all his endangered friends.

We believe in the wonder and beauty of all of Zen’s Friends
We are proud to support AZA and the AZA SAFE:
Saving Animals From Extinction® for six years to help Zen’s
animal friends survive and flourish for future generations.
Black Rhino
Sea Turtle
Whether they have stripes, spots, specks, flecks, scales, blotches or rings, help support wildlife species from extinction and protect them for future generations.
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