Your Essential Back to School checklist

Your Essential Back to School checklist

Getting ready for the autumn term at school or college takes planning – so you start back feeling well rested, and well prepared.

While we all feel a little sad that the summer holidays are nearly over, one of the best parts of getting ready for a new term is making sure that you have everything you’ll need.

It’s time to make a list!

New uniform, sports kit, shoes

Get everything out and try it on. You’ll probably find some items need replacing. If you’re in sixth form or college and can wear your own clothes, you’ll need smarter outfits for work experience, interviews and other formal occasions.

Get your travel arrangements sorted

If you’re starting at a new school or college, you may need to get a bus pass or a student rail card. Tuck a book or your AirPods in for the journey, so you arrive cool, calm and collected each morning.

The ‘new season’ pencil case

First, declutter your pencil case – that’s therapeutic in itself! – and decide if you want to keep it or invest in a new one. If you’re buying new, make sure its large enough to carry everything you need. Consider one with separate compartments to make stationery storage easier.

Choosing the right pen is the most fundamental item on your checklist. A perfect pen feels good in your hand, is well-balanced and effortless to write with when note-taking at speed. Our top recommendation for students is the ballpoint Z-Grip. It’s affordable, reliable, and there’s a range of exciting wrap designs including funky animal print, polka dot, marble and our new red, white and blue stripey ‘Celebration’ pen. If you’re looking for a smooth gel ink pen, then the Sarasa gives a lovely flourish to your notes. Read Finding the right pen for the job for more information about these pens.

Spotlight on highlighters

Using highlighters to help organise your study plan is a really practical way to make your notes visually attractive and memorable. Plus, it allows you real creative freedom to express your own personal style.

Zebra Pen Mildliners, especially the pastel shades, are perfect for this. Make sure to include at least one set when you’re putting together your pencil case. Mildliners have a twin-tip design, so you have a fine marker and a chisel tip in one pen. Read more about Mildliners here.

Starting the year with a fully stocked pencil case simply makes us feel good, and ready for anything the school term can throw at us.

Let’s get everything in order

Make sure you’ve got enough filing and labelling stationery. Colour coded sticky labels, post-it notes, files and dividers will help organise your notes, so you’re one step ahead when revising for exams.

Finally – don’t forget lunch!

Not drinking enough water or skipping lunch, are two of the main reasons why students often struggle to concentrate in the afternoon – so find out what the lunch arrangements are if you’re starting somewhere new.

We’re feeling good about the new term

So – bus pass, pencil case, laptop, phone, Zebra Pens – you’re good to go!

PS Don’t forget your charger!