Finding the right balance

dog & feet in socks
It’s that time of year. When we wipe the slate clean. Goals are set, big and small. New routines imagined and (sometimes) implemented. Plans made, with high expectations. From healthy eating and a new exercise regime to clearing out the loft. Getting up a touch earlier to reading more books and going to the theatre – the intentions are good.

And, of course, there’s nothing wrong with aiming high. But perhaps being realistic is part of it too, finding what works for you, what feels comfortable, what you’re able to sustain. It’s about finding the right balance – especially the work/life one.

Trying the new and returning to the old

Exercise doesn’t have to be all base layers and training for 10k’s. It’s good to just get out and about: there’s nothing like those crisp mornings, wrapping up for a walk and seeing your breath out in front of you.

ow about a new hobby, a class or teaching yourself? Is there an artistic streak inside you that could see the light of day more? Crafting/writing/painting/drawing are all activities which help us relax and feel free to express ourselves.

Or it might be that you’ve forgotten how much fun it is to play a sport you left behind some years ago. What a great feeling it would be to enjoy it again, to do it for fun or even join a new club or team.

Whatever it is, enjoy it

And that’s the key word. Enjoy. Finding the things that help you switch off from racing around to complete your busy schedule, that put a smile on your face, and help you feel good in body and mind. It doesn’t really matter what it is: the important thing is that you make time for it, you prioritise it just like you would a meeting, appointment, or project deadline.

The year of feelgood

Your Zebra Pens can help move your mind to a different place. And whether it’s the start of a sketch, a long list or an absent-minded doodle, then feel free to go for it in 2022!