A New Year, A New Page

girl at desk
2022. A new, exciting year ahead, time to turn over to a fresh, clean page. A great time to look forward, feel energised, get organised and start as you mean to go on!

Getting your year organised

For some, being a little (or a lot) more organised is a new year’s resolution. Of course, this doesn’t mean you suddenly have to revolutionise every aspect of your life as you put it in perfect order. It could simply be about getting yourself into good habits with your time management.

Ideas and tips for 2022

  • How about a traditional calendar hanging on the kitchen wall, that you write on?
  • Or opting for an online calendar, that you keep updated and alerts you?
  • A dedicated birthday book as a reminder of when family and friends are celebrating – perhaps even indicating the ‘big’ birthdays.
  • A new planner, which splits up longer term tasks from a more immediate ‘to do’ list.
  • Big number against your inbox? Or your text messages? Set aside some time to bin all the unread emails and messages that have stacked up.
  • Perhaps subscribe to less emails if you’re not reading them regularly.
  • Get your email under control – creating a number of named sub folders can be a really effective filing system.
  • Tidy desk, tidy mind – remove any clutter you have around your work space, and create a nice, clean area to collect your thoughts, take care of work or get creative!

Find what works for you

If you like and are motivated by physically crossing things off a list, then notebooks and planners etc, are probably the way to go. How about fun, little rewards as you complete each job or goal?

If you like being able to check on things when you’re on the go, and to add new jobs and appointments, then going electronic and getting the most out of your phone or tablet might be the best way forward.

Getting it done feels good

And don’t forget – there’s no better way to set new goals, make exciting plans for the year ahead and cross things off your ‘to do’ list than with the Zebra Pen you always have to hand!