Set your mind free!

free your mind
It’s amazing what a pen can do, and where it can take you. In just seconds, writing and drawing has the ability to free your mind. No restrictions. No rules. No limits. The possibilities with a Zebra Pen in your hand are endless…
A Zebra Pen is just the start…

We’ve created a wide range of smooth, free-flowing, well balanced pens – from gel rollers and highlighters, to ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils – all designed for great performance and an effortless drawing and writing experience. Ready for you to free your mind!

…then it’s over to your imagination

Pick up your pen and you’re free to express your thoughts, your ideas, your plans, your observations, your dreams. Imagination is a wonderful thing, and it’s even better when you let it run wild!

Your imagination can take you away and transport you to wherever you want to go. Giving you the joy of escapism, relaxing you and calming your mind as everyone hustles and bustles and the world around rushes on. Turn life into an adventure. Visualise the pictures in your mind. Bring your dreams closer to reality.

Free to be…

As your imagination frees your mind, you can be whoever you want to be. You may be someone who already enjoys being creative. Or perhaps you’ve only just begun to express yourself in this way. With a Zebra Pen you’re free to be a storyteller, composer, artist, designer, writer, illustrator, architect or doodler. Or anything – who knows!

Free to create…

The most famous song lyrics in the world often start with a pen and notepad. The latest catwalk looks, designs and pieces of art first find themselves on a layout pad. The idea for a book or short story, or writing something purely for yourself. A postcard or note to a friend – so nice to receive out of the blue. It’s all about being free to create, pushing the boundaries, and coming up with something original and memorable – and special to you. There’s satisfaction from writing a shopping list with a few doodles too, a simple sketch, or coming up with fun ideas as you start planning a party for loved ones.

Seize the moment and get started

Find a space, grab a moment, to reflect or think ahead or start creating. You may already have your own creative process, which starts with picking up your favourite Zebra Pen and notepad or sketch book. It could be a scrap of paper or old envelope, it doesn’t matter! What matters is you’ve started writing, sketching or scribbling, and your creative juices are flowing – you can’t beat the feeling.

Now go for it!

It’s time to set your mind free. Go on, pick up your Zebra Pen and see what happens. Where will you go? Who will you be? What will you do?