The art of the handwritten “Thank you”

How to avoid festive burnout

The positive power of “Thank you”

We say: “Thank you” more than any other nationality. Our lives are crammed with thank yous: “Thanks for holding the door open”; “thanks for giving me a lift”; “thanks for taking out the recycling”. According to research, we text, email and say “thank you” at least 7 times a day, and that’s not counting the 91 (yes, 91!) different ways we can say it in English, from ‘good job’ to ‘sweet’.

But receiving an unexpected ‘thank you’ can stop us in our tracks. And if it’s handwritten, it’s even more precious.


Why does something so little, mean so much?

You only need to remember that feeling when somebody thanked you, when you least expected it!

You feel valued, noticed, appreciated, and loved. A ‘thank you’ does wonders for your wellbeing, too. Recent research shows that saying a meaningful and mindful ‘thank you’ can create deeper, more lasting relationships, even over the longest distances.

‘Thank you’ can turn just another Monday into the start of a great week.


Thinking about thanking

Christmas is a time of thank yous. “Thank you for the fantastic party”; “thank you for having us to stay”; “thank you for bringing the crackers”; “thank you for the wonderful gift you gave me.” As we head into the New Year, however, it’s a time to reflect on our past year: to remember the people who shared our highs and helped us through our lows.

It’s a perfect moment to thank that person who went the extra mile for you in 2023.

Time to pick up a pen, select some beautiful stationery, and say a meaningful, mindful ‘thank you’.


There’s no time like the present!

Be spontaneous! The art of the thank you is all about timing. If you’re thinking about someone and you feel a rush of gratitude towards them – thank them! Pick up your favourite pen (in their favourite colour – we’ve got plenty to choose from!) and don’t be afraid to speak from the heart.


Choose your pen, choose your words

You really don’t need to say much: “Thank you for everything you’ve done for me this year”, may say all you need it to.

Zebra 901s are one of our favourite pens for such personal messages. They’re the Rolls Royce of pens. The ink seems to glide onto the page – ‘smooth as butter!’ as our brand ambassador Alex, puts it! – and they’re beautiful to hold. Take a look at the full range of contemporary and traditional barrel colours – black, rose gold, pastels and more. (On a practical note, refills are available too!)

A handwritten card can be treasured for years, even a lifetime.


Let’s make the handwritten ‘thank you’ a habit

“Thank you.” Two words that hold friendships together. Once said, never forgotten.

Look in your close contacts, pick a friend, and send them a handwritten thank you note.

It can mean more than the most generous Christmas present.