Why a handwritten letter says it better

Why a handwritten letter says it better

Reaching out with a handwritten letter

February is a hard month to love. Shorter days, longer nights. Who wants to brave the elements and meet up with friends who live close, let alone those who aren’t just round the corner?

But now’s the time to nurture longstanding, long-distance friendships by taking the time to write a good old-fashioned, handwritten letter.

Reaching for just the right pen, choosing a beautiful piece of paper or a card that you just know someone will love, and writing from the heart.

Handwritten notes and letters hold a special place in our hearts

Most of us only remember a WhatsApp or SnapChat for a few hours. And who ever saved an e-card? Yet nearly three quarters of us have kept letters from friends or family for years, and one in five of us has old love letters stashed away!

Letters are personal; sometimes intimate. They take time and thought to write; to put our feelings into words. We cherish them, re-read them over and over when we’re feeling low or missing somebody. Writing a letter is more than keeping in touch, it’s showing you care.

You don’t have to write much to make someone’s day.

Writing anything by hand makes us consider every word, so make every word count. You can say as much or as little as feels right.

A simple ‘Missing you’ that’s handwritten, rather than printed on the front of a card, speaks volumes. It’s creative too. Letters should be a pleasure to write as well as to receive – so pick your best pen, your best paper, and let the words flow.

It’ll make you feel good, as much as them

Writing by hand is good for our own personal emotional wellbeing too. It slows us down, as we consider the things we really want to say. Taking time out to celebrate a meaningful friendship by writing a letter is an act of mindfulness as well as kindness.

Letters last a lifetime

So don’t dash off a card with a scribbled signature; or in a ballpoint that looks like it’s about to give up the ghost. You’re creating something that’s sent and received with love. Best of all, you might get a letter in return!

That feels good.

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