Welcoming our three new Zebra Pen Brand Ambassadors!

Welcoming our three new Zebra Pen Brand Ambassadors!
“Working as a Zebra Pen UK Ambassador has been amazing so far. I’ve got to test out pens I’ve never tried before, (big shout-out to the Mildliner Brush pens!) and also grow my collection of old favourites.

The ambassador experience has sparked a new wave of creativity for me – it’s also reminded me how much I love the studygram community.” George 

Our true originals – the Magnificent Seven!

We can’t believe it’s been eight months since we welcomed our Zebra Pen UK Brand Ambassadors – the Magnificent Seven! Each of these inspirational women has been unbelievably generous and supportive with her time and input; with everything from real-life reviews of our top pens, to brilliant ideas and tips on everything from study planners, journals, and effective notetaking.

And the most strikingly original and creative artwork we’ve seen online. 😍

Welcoming our three new Zebra Pen UK Ambassadors

We’re thrilled to welcome three new ambassadors: Oliwia, Temi and Sapphire.study to the team. Like all our ambassadors, they’re 100% addicted to stationery, and their creative energy is infectious!

Say hello to… 🥰

Speaks four languages; a bu-jo enthusiast since 2019. Since graduating, she’s landed a role as an Acquisitions Manager. Vanilla’s her favourite ice cream flavour– she’s sooo over chocolate! She loves a vanilla latte with coconut milk and her favourite colour is grey.

Favourite travel destination: Edinburgh. Would love to visit: Greece and Mexico.

Totally in love with: “Deep & Warm Zebra Mildliner Double Ended Brush Pens! Perfect for my calligraphy and lettering.”

“When I started bullet journalling in 2019 I had very limited supplies. As I gained experience and confidence, I expanded my pen collection. The more colours and mediums I have, the more creative I become!

Zebra Pen’s ranges and variety of colours always keep my creativity running wild!”

Currently studying medicine, and a gifted studygram and lifestyle guru. Her workspaces are so organised and tranquil (check out the tulips!) and when not creating stunning artwork, she’s photographing, or travelling. Or both!

Favourite travel destination: Spain. Would love to visit: New York.

Can’t leave home without: “Mildliner highlighters! I love the versatility of them and the colourful addition they bring to my notes. They’re an essential for my study notes :)”

“I love using Zebra pens in my studies and studygrams – I’ve been using them since secondary school! I share the same personal wellbeing values as Zebra Pen UK – they really resonate with me as a student.

I’m super-excited to become a Brand Ambassador and spread the Zebra Pen positivity :)”

Digital marketeer and gifted content creator; especially around topics that encourage us to be more creative, organised, or to look after our wellbeing and mental health. Plus, she’s tried practically every herbal tea flavour there is – even ones you didn’t know existed!

Passions: Faith; music, and self-care. Actively involved in the Bible journalling community.

Can’t choose between: “The Z-Grip Smooth is one of my favourite everyday pens, they’re everywhere in my home, and of course Zebra Mildliners, my other absolute favourite. I’m slightly obsessed with the new neutrals collection!”

“I’ve loved Zebra products for years; they’re becoming a cult favourite in the stationery and planning community. I can’t wait to share some of your products with my following who I know will love them, and hopefully show some new ways of getting creative and productive with them.”

Living a more creative life

Thanks to our ambassadors, the Zebra Pen creative community is growing with every share, like and post. But being a Brand Ambassador isn’t all freebies and followers. It’s about spreading the word that creative expression is key to our emotional wellbeing and feeling good about ourselves.

Our Brand Ambassadors’ optimism and originality inspires us every day to live a more creative life.

Whenever you hold a Zebra Pen in your hand, we believe that you can be whoever you want to be.