Why we love our Zebra Pen Brand Ambassadors

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Our inspirational Zebra Pen Brand Ambassadors

Have you ever felt so inspired by another person’s artistic imagination that you can’t wait to get home and use that as a springboard for your own creativity?

It’s a wonderful feeling – that moment when you free your mind, let your pens take over, and create.

Inspiration unites our wonderful Zebra Pen UK fans.

We’re so lucky that in our growing creative community we have not one, but seven truly inspirational individuals – our Zebra Pen Brand Ambassadors.

18 months of Brand Ambassadors

It doesn’t seem a year and a half since we welcomed our first ‘Magnificent Seven’, and we’re absolutely delighted that our current ambassadors have all agreed to stay with us for another six months. Thank you to Amber, and Muna, Chloe and Lois, who joined us in the spring. And to Oliwia, who has been part of the Zebra ambassador team for over a year.

Each of you has been generous with your time and your talent, sharing real-life reviews of our pens (will any pen ever knock Mildliners off the top spot?!) and tips on all things stationery. From how to improve your study routine, to creating an aesthetic workspace or designing a revision timetable you can actually stick to.

But two of our brand ambassadors deserve a special shout out.

Alex and Sophie – with us from the beginning

“Being part of the Zebra Pen UK stationery community has brought me so much joy and inspires me every day!”
Sophie, Zebra Pen UK Brand Ambassador
Alex and Sophie have been helping us spread the word from the moment we launched the Ambassadors Programme.

Let’s take a look at what the past 18 months have meant to them.

Sophie – @myhoneststudyblr

“Never stop exploring, and don’t be afraid.”
Sophie, Zebra Pen UK Brand Ambassador
Back in April 2022, when she became a Brand Ambassador, Sophie was on her gap year. Now, she’s well into her second year of an International Relations degree. From day one, her stylish and sophisticated colour combinations lit up the Zebra Pen socials:

“I love finding new colour palettes and combining unusual shades that I never would have thought to try! Zebra pens encourage me to be bolder and more colourful when I’m studying!”

When we first met Sophie, Mildliners were a firm favourite with her – not least for their practical, slimline barrel which means they pack neatly into a pencil case: “But a close second are the Sarasa pens (especially the vintage colours) which I’ve had the opportunity to try out over my time as an ambassador – probably the smoothest pens to write with of all time!”

Sophie’s a firm believer that personal wellbeing and creativity go hand in hand. She confided that getting things wrong is just part of the journey, so trust your intuition: “When you are being creative, allow yourself to not get it perfect every time! Sometimes, the colours just won’t go together, or the amazing vision you had in your head isn’t that great in reality.

“Part of the creative process is trial and error – finding your own style to create something you love“.

Alex – thejournalcorner

“Thank you for an amazing 18 months. I’m so excited to continue my role with Zebra Pen UK!”
Alex, Zebra Pen UK Brand Ambassador
When Alex became a Brand Ambassador, bullet journalling was her way to escape the chaos of family life. Now, with all three of her children at school, Alex has more time to embrace her own creativity than when she first joined us. Over the last 18 months, she’s explored memory journalling, and has created a personal commonplace book, to record memorable or profound quotes, lyrics or sayings, whenever she comes across them.

In 2022, our 901 pen was top of Alex’s list for journalling: “Because it’s a refillable ballpoint, designed to look both stylish and contemporary; it writes beautifully and is comfortable to hold too.” But one of the fun parts of being an ambassador is road-testing different pens, and over the months Alex fell in love with the black Sarasa Clip 0.5: “It’s perfect for memory journalling and note taking. I love how it’s so smooth, and just the right thickness.”

Alex says these last 18 months have flown by: “I can’t believe it’s been that long! I’m fortunate because I’ve now got more time for my creative hobbies than when I first became an ambassador.” And her personal highlight was meeting us face to face at the London Stationery Show in May 2023:


“It was the first time I had attended the show, and it was so lovely to meet some of the Zebra team in real life and see my images on display!“


Giving back for love, not money

Our ambassadors give so much, in return for so little. Ambassadors aren’t paid, except in new pens to experiment with! They put the latest Zebra pens through their paces, out in the real world: at work, journalling and crafting, with their children, even in exams. In a world of paid influencers, they tell us honestly what they love about our pens, and why. They’re part of our Zebra family.

Thanks to them, and thanks to you, our inspirational creative community keeps on growing, and keeps on giving.

We’re feeling good about the next twelve months!

Joining the ambassadors

Being a brand ambassador is a big commitment. Engaging and sharing with the community takes time, and love, as well as unique artistic talent. While we’re not actively seeking new ambassadors right now, we are always on the lookout for fresh aesthetics and styles that inspire! So, please do tag us if you’ve created something you’re proud of, using Zebra pens.

You never know, you could be a future Brand Ambassador – one day!