Z-Grip Smooth is your Stay at Home companion

Summer exams may have been cancelled, but school’s not out for summer! Many students are still expected to work from home with coursework, assignments and online assessments to complete to ensure they complete the year and are well-prepared for the next academic year.

Maintaining writing, either creative or more formal/academic writing, will help with all your subjects; even the most creative and seemingly un-academic subjects will have a written element.

  • Start writing a journal to record your thoughts, ideas and hopes. Research shows that writing down your goals means you’re 42% more likely to achieve them, so if you have goals for the next academic year, the rest of this year or beyond, write them down.
  • Get into a routine. Stick to a timetable – maybe your school or college timetable – or create a new one which incorporates learning something new, like cooking, coding or growing plants from seed, as well as some active leisure time and, of course, some all-important screen time with your friends!
  • Keep your brain active with Sudoku, word searches or crosswords. Crosswords will help improve your vocabulary and increase concentration while Suduku will work the part of the brain used for learning, storing information and preventing memory loss.
  • Some of you may still have the prospect of online assessments now or written exams in the autumn, so revision is still key. Make notes and flashcards to help retain key facts and information and ask relatives or housemates to test you.

Z-Grip Smooth is our everyday value pen but it’s packed with useful features; take the rubber grip to take the strain out of even the longest exam paper or the metal clip to keep it tucked safely into a bag or jacket pocket for when it’s needed. It’s also retractable and extremely smooth flowing, thanks to its low viscosity ink; this means it writes more smoothly than a gel pen and won’t bleed through the paper.

So no matter what your plans for the rest of the year, a Z-Grip Smooth is your perfect homework and revision companion and it’s available to order online from Tesco.